Posted on  August 2015

Servitec is now certified ISO and OHSAS

Servitec, the outsourcing solutions provider in Algeria successfully certified with the integrated management system certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

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Posted on August 2015

Mobiserve Algeria agreement with Motorola UK

Mobiserve Algeria signed a frame agreement with Motorola UK concerning their wok in Algeria for five years Aug-2015 to Jul-2020.

Posted on July 2015

Mobiserve Algeria Sign New Contracts with OTA

Mobiserve Algeria signed a contract with OTA Jan-2015 to Dec-2017 FLM.
Mobiserve Algeria signed a contract with OTA Jul-2015 to Jun-2018 Generator Maintenance.

Posted on June 2015

Servitec signed a debt collection contract with ATM Mobilis

Servitec signed a 5 year contract with the giant Algerian mobile operator ATM Mobilis , to be the official debt collections agency.

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