Managed Services

Mobiserve has established itself as the leading O&M Company in the region, with more than 23,000 towers currently under management; we have grown our O&M sites from 4k in 2008 to 23k in 2020. Through a well-defined process, Mobiserve offers comprehensive managed service solutions that will help mobile operators and TowerCos to achieve more efficient OPEX , enhance network availability, better KPIs and eventually improve end-customer quality of service. We provide passive & multi - vendor active infrastructure maintenance through preventive and corrective action plans including core and access network elements. Our expert teams of professionals also operate and maintain all types of energy solutions across different networks.
Civil Work

1-L1 Field maintenance:

• Corrective maintenance carried out to repair and adjust significant equipment defects and failures
• Preventive maintenance to check active and passive elements and repair defects based on periodical communicated plans.

2-Spare parts management and Supply :

• To provide support and assistance to network operators for proper Active spares dimensioning, storage and returns.
• Supply and management of passive spares.

3-Generator Maintenance & Fueling:

• Generator preventive maintenance is performed according to agreed intervals including replacing of oil and all types of filters.
• Operate & maintain all generators on site around the clock (24/7).
• Maintain ATS panels
• Ensuring safe fueling drainage
• Maintaining all types fuel tanks
• Periodical refueling alarm clearing

4-Generator Overhauling:

Perform complete overhauling services for Gen-sets including :
• Inspection & repair of all engine accessories, cooling systems, lubrication system, control panel components as well as sound proof enclosures.
• Reassembling of the complete Generator Set (Engine, alternator, panel and sound proof enclosure,…etc).

5-Core and Datacenters Passive Maintenance

• Maintaining electromechanical systems including main generator, MDB, UPS, batteries testing, CCUs (cooling units), fire suppression systems and gas refilling.

6- Other Services:

• Scheduled maintenance and work orders
• Security management and patrolling for cell sites
• Access and retention management.
• Network surveillance and event management.
• 3rd party contract management.
• Site Audits and Asset Database management