Money Collection

Collecting outstanding debts from your customers is vital to the profitability of the business, yet it can be time consuming and resource exhausting.
Servitec offers you an easy and effective collection process for both fresh and bad debt empowered by advanced processes, methodologies with a skilled and knowledgeable staff. Our staff is trained to collect your money while you maintain good relations with the bad debt customers.
As a collection agency that sees the collection process through from beginning to end,Servitec is capable to assess every bad debt case and identify the right course of action for every customer. It starts by tactfully encouraging them to systematically pay off their debts, and following up with them through our call center. In case of bad debts, warning letters are sent to your customer and in some cases Legal actions are taken when necessary.

With Servitec collecting your money, you acquire:

• Cash flow management

• Maximized collections

• Cost control

• Decreased accounts receivables

• High communication skills

• Various payment schemes for your debtors

Fresh Collection

  • Diplomatically dealing with your customer.

  • Encouraging debtors to systematically pay off their debt.

  • Striving to keep the lines of communication with the debtor.

  • Door to door collection.

  • Bad Debt Collection

  • Clustering Data.

  • Sending Friendly letters.

  • Conducting follow up calls.

  • Sending warning letters

  • Managing full litigation process.